Chapter 12 -Sky High

Hair:  Odell Hombre by Unorthodox @The Men’s Dept (TMD) April

Sunglasses:  Zalak Shades BP by Sorgo *exclusive* @ The Men’s Dept (TMD) April

Top:  Print Blouson (Geometric) by Scars @ The Men’s Dept (TMD) April

Necklace: Karma Necklace/Saga Gold by Mandala

Jeans:  Waban Jeans w/Waban Belt (separate) by Not so Bad @ The Men’s Dept (TMD) April

Arm Jewelry:  Doomed Biker Link Gold (right); Aurka Bracelet Bronze (left) by Minimal @ The Men’s Dept (TMD) April



Chapter 6 – Photoshoot

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better…and your better is best!

Glasses:  Teflon Originals (gold) by Sorgo @ TMD

Top:  Ernst Sweater by Deadwool

Bottom:  Worn out jeans (with worn out belt) by Deadwool

Shoes:  Desert Boots by Deadwool